How to get star ratings in the Google search results for good traffic


In this post, we gonna talk about that how to get star ratings for your site in the google search results. If you are a blogger, you should know about star ratings in the Google search results, because it works like a click-bait system.

If you don’t know about “what is star rating in Google search“.
Please see this photo before to know that what the star rating system is and how to add it.

How to get star ratings in the Google search results for good traffic

As shown in the picture, you have now understood that about what we are talking about.

If your website or blog is about Tech-News or Blogging, then you probably do not need it.
But if your website is like a company that giving a review or like a website which is selling something then you have to use this. It will also help you if you have any e-commerce website.

So let’s learn that how to get star ratings in the Google search results for good traffic.

How to add star rating system in WordPress

First of all, you have to Login to your website/Blog’s admin panel and get into the Dashboard. Then click on Add new plugin option.

Now you can search here by typing “All In One Schema Rich Snippets” or click on the given link to download and upload the plugin. You can use any method which one is easy for you but my suggestion is to search this and add this.

get star ratings in the Google search results

When the plugin is installed, activate it. You will now see that a new option has been added to the menu bar of your left side. Let’s keep the default setting in this plugin.

Now open/edit the post in which you want to show star rating review. A new option has just arrived at the bottom of your post.

get star ratings in the Google search results

As you can see a new option is just arrived here. You have to follow these 4 steps to setup your google 5 star rating by using this plugin.

  1. choose “Item Review” from drop-down menu as shown in option 1.
  2. Write Reviewer name (your name may be).
  3. Which item you are reviewing?(may be the title of your blog).
  4. Give stars, how many you want to give to your post or product.

Benefits of Star Rating Review

If you add Star Rating to your blog post then there are many benefits to it, the biggest advantage is traffic on your blog will be increased.

Now, I gonna tell you some advantages of Star Rating Review system.

  • The post seems attractive and valuable.
  • Can give a rating to a product.
  • Can give your own rating to any item, product, theme, template etc.(according to you how the product or item is).
  • Your name will appear with your Star Rating in Search Result. You will also get some popularity from this.
  • If your post is in 4th place from Top 5 Articles, but none of the above 3 articles has a google Star rating, then it is likely that 80% people will click on your link.

Conclusion : 

Friends In this post i told you, “How to get star ratings in the Google search results” and some benefits of its. There are many benefits to installing the Star Rating System, some of which we have told you.

If you want google 5 Star Rating comes even below your post/article in the Search Engine’s results, then you should also use this plugin.

If you have any questions or suggestions, then please write us in the Comment Box. Thanks !

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