5 top programming languages to learn in 2019


Do you know which programming language we should learn these days from which we can earn a good income?

Do you know which programming language is to be most liked programming language in demand in 2019? Today we are going to tell you about top programming language 2019 which has been searched very much in 2018 and it is going to become even more famous in 2019.

If you are a developer or you are learning a programming language right now, it is very important to know that in the future (2019), which Programming language will be in demand ​​that can decide a good career for you.

If you will have some ideas, which are the top 5 programming languages ​​in demand then after learning that language your future can go in a new direction.

programming languages in demand 2019

The demand for these languages ​​is very high in the Online market as well as the Offline market. In the Online market, if you will work on any freelancer site, people will pay you for it. If we talk about the offline market, any site owner can hire you as a technical person for maintaining his blog or website.

What is a programming language

If you want to know about ‘top programming languages’ ​​and you don’t know what the programming language is, it would be a very bad thing for us.
So, first of all, we will know what is a programming language?

In simple words, a Programming language is a set of grammatical rules which gives instructions to a computer or other computing device to perform on a specific task.

By grammatical rules, I mean to use exact keywords and phrases in a way that is developed by the developer to create a program in that language.

Programming Language is just a language that computer and other devices understand. Basically there are two types of programming languages.

  1. High level language : A high-level language is a programming language that is much similar to human languages and further to machine language. Example of high-level languages is FORTRAN, C++, Pascal, Python, Visual Basic, Java etc..
  2. Low level language : This is a machine language or an assembly language. It is closer to hardware compared to high-level programming languages. I Mean, the lower level language is much closer to the hardware, whereas higher level languages ​​are closer to human languages. Example of low level languages is  C and ‘O’ level language

Top 5 Programming languages to learn in 2019 (Explained)

These 5 languages that we gonna taking about in this post are the most searched languages in the search engine. Their search results also provide an important role in trending the top language.

top programming languages 2019
top programming languages to learn in 2019

1. Java

The first and top programming languages in demand is Java. Java was the most popular programming languages in 2018. Java language was developed by James Gosling. It was acquired by Oracle Corporation. Java was released as a core component of Sun Microsystem’s Java platform in 1995.

Due to very old language, today around 28 million developers are using Java. As you know it is an Object-oriented programming language. This is very good and flexible language and this is also very useful in desktop, web application development. The reason for the sudden popularity of this language is the development of Android applications in Java.

You can run this language on any of your OS (operating systems). It can run on Mac, Windows, IOS, and Android on any operating system.

Some famous companies like Facebook, Amazon, Twitter etc .. use this language in their web development.

Salary of a Java Developer

Your salary depends on which city you are doing your job and how much experience you have.

If you have 4-5 years of experience then you can expect your Salary 5,572-8,358 USD. Experience of 6-8 years can give you a salary of  9,751-12,537 USD and if you have 9-10 years of experience then you can get more than 13,930 USD.

2. C++

According to Wikipedia, C++ was first appeared in 1985.

This is a Functional Object Oriented Programming Language. C++ uses maximum for application development. These applications can be for any area and any device, whether it is Game Development or Client-Server Application or Firmware Develop. C ++ is used everywhere.

This is slightly more difficult than other programming languages ​​but if you have learned Java language, you can easily learn C ++. Big companies like Bing, Yahoo, Microsoft etc . use this language on their website.

Salary of a C++ Developer

In any country, developers get their salaries on their experience. Depending on how much experience you have, and how much you have experienced from a big company, all depends on what your salary will be.

the salary of developers of C ++ can be $6,961- $12,530 on 2-5 years of experience.

Experience on 6-9 years can be $13,930-$19,502.

If you have an experience of 9 years then you can get a salary of more than $20,895.

Being a C ++ Developer in 2019 can also be a good Career Choice.

3. Python Programming Language

Python is an open source programming language. This is a little expensive profession because it offers good salary. Python will be the best programming language for future.

Reason for Python’s sudden Demand coming in is that Machine Learning’s Developers use this language. In Artificial intelligence, Data Mining, and Robotics, it is used very much. It is also quite easy to learn.

The syntax of this language is very simple if you are a beginner even if you can learn it easily. Because of these reasons, this language is going to be very demanding in 2019.

Big companies like Google, Twitter also use Python Programming Language for their Backend Server Side.

Salary of a Python Developer

Salary of Python developers depend on their experience If we talk about the average salary of Python developers in all over the world, if you have 4-5 years of experience then you will get 6,965-12,537USD and 11,144-3,930 USD on 6-8 years of experience. If you have more than 8 year experience, you can get up to 23,681.00 USD.

The number of Python Developers in India is very low, you have a Golden Chance where you can build your own career.

4. JavaScript

If you are a web developer then you have already learned Javascript. If you have not learned, it will be very difficult to find a job without knowledge of Javascript.

Javascript is an Object Oriented Programming Language. It is one of the most popular programming languages in this modern world.

You can assume its popularity because 80% of developers use JavaScript and 95% of Websites run on JavaScript. JavaScript is mostly used in Web Browser.

Websites like WordPress, LinkedIn, Amazon, Microsoft etc use JavaScript language.

Salary of a JavaScript Developer

Salary depends on which company you are in and how much experience you have. Experienced Developer of 3-4 years in the USA gets the salary of 8,358-9,751 USD.

If they have 5-8 years of experience, the salary of 11,144-13,930 USD and more than 8 years of experience, the salary of 15,323.00 USD can be given.

5. Ruby

Even after having a new programming language, it is currently a top-paid job.
Ruby is an object-oriented programming language. It works on Model View Controller Framework. The Biggest companies like Sound Cloud, Airbnb have been developed on Ruby. Ruby language is also the most in demand programming languages 2019.

Salary of a Ruby Developer

As we talked previously salary of developers depends on their experience.

If you have 4-5 years of experience then you can get the salary of 6,965-12,537USD

Experienced Developers of 6-8 years get the salary of 13,930-22,288 USD. And if you have an experience of more than 8year then you can get a package of 22,984.50 USD.


In this post, we have told you that Top 5 Programming Languages ​​in Demand. Apart from these, there are many programming languages ​​that you can learn to make a good and bright career as a developer. Some other programming languages which are also in Demand like PHP, SQL, .NET, Perl

These languages ​​can also decide a good career for you. For getting a good salary, you should have a good experience. You have to be a master in your field.

The popularity of Python, Ruby, Perl, etc languages ​​has reduced the value of PHP to a little bit now. But WordPress’s Themes are still developed in PHP.

Learning PHP can also be a good career choice.

These “Top 5 Programming Languages ​​in demand”, which can be the option of a bright Career for you in 2019.

Best Programming Language in Demand is Python Programming Language. You must learn it because there are only a few developers in Python Programming Language in India and you will not have problems in getting the job.

Tell us your suggestions in the comment box or if you need any more information related to this topic then definitely ask in your question, comment box

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